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Tome of Alchemy (PF) $35.00
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Tome of Alchemy (PF)
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Tome of Alchemy (PF)
Publisher: Frog God Games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/25/2021 05:59:11

Frog God Games publishes some great books, building upon their years of game design and crafting. The Tome of Alchemy was a book I was looking forward too, as it does make the character class stand out from under the shadow of being just another type of spellcaster. The book focuses on the fact that Alchemy is a usefull skill/proficiency that anyone can have access too. The book gives a good breakdown on some traditional alchemy needs and introduces a new mechanic for refining "essences". Now it only focuses on traditional Western Alchemy....., tt also categorizes and gives examples of a great variety of alchemical items one can create, both in 3eD&D and Pathfinder you would find a few things scattered her and their.... but never collected in a single volume. So now there is at least a good categorization: Alchemical Devices, Ammunitions, Incense, Tonics, Ointments, Powders, Solvents, and Tinctures. It also contains some 30 spells as well.

IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO BURN.... then it may be worth your while.

This is he biggest negative about the book, for a pdf is is beyond a reasonable price point. The hefty $35 was too to expensive.... and even with the Xmas in July sale is still too much. For the price you'd expect tons of artwork and a heft page count, when compared to other monster manual and spell collections. Again the price is what hurts this book. I know the publisher has reasons.... but when compared to other products released in their catalogue it makes no sense to the buyer.

If they included some monsters (1 is mentioned but part of the spell), branched off into other forms of alchemy (eastern and internal), some real world science magic (elemental table and how it applies), and etc.... I would be inclined to have given it 5 stars... or at least make the book more affordable... at most $15.

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