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Genesys Vehicle Companion
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Genesys Vehicle Companion
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/17/2020 00:47:41
A Great Resource

I checked out the product intially to get some help designing mechs for a game I'll be running, and this had pretty much everything I needed to help guide that design, including a ready-made sample mech that I was able to use as a baseline for my own designs.

The examples are well-explained and there's one for each of the typical size categories you're likely to need. There's discussion of the appropriate values to use when creating new vehicles (including weapons and armor) as well as how to deal with group combat, minions, etc sensibly.

Genesys has the benefit of being lightweight enough that creating new vehicles using the guidelines here won't take forever, but crunchy enough that you feel like there will be noticeable differences in the feel when you get them to the table and use them.

Beyond the content, everything is well formatted in the familiar Genesys style, so it's seamless with the core rulebook.

Definitely worth getting if you're planning on having vehicles be a significant part of your story.

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