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Glitch: A Story of the Not
Publisher: Jenna Katerin Moran
by Tessa M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/27/2021 18:41:45

This year I got to play a game of Glitch. This game will amaze you. It will bring you closer to strangers. It will improve your life, or at least your writing. This is only skirting shy of hyperbole from personal experience. This game creates bonds.

Underneath all the wonderful writing, the actual running engine is pretty simple, and even more intuitive to play than read. Everything comes back to Cost, which builds up as you take damage, attempt to file taxes, and use your sweet void-entity powers, and goes down when you take time to recover or earths in Wounds if you need a lot gone at once because you hit the cap, for instance. There are no dice; if you want something, all you need to do is be willing to pay for it.

Each of the powers is a narrative moment in it's own right, from characterisation flair to concept defence to capstone, and combined with the attentional direction of the Spotlight system this gives you and every other player a massive amount of control over the story you're collaboratively creating. Plot beats that are detrimental to the character are fun. Failing is fun. This is a game where being Worfed is fantastic, because it lets you show how serious the stakes are for the group's comeback, and hey, if you're not down for it, you can always convert the problem into that nebulous Cost. The game's Wound system encourages you to create fun problems for yourself; being a disappointment has mechanical advantage. All of this makes the moments when you choose to do something super cool (and you can do some balls to the wall amazing things even automatically) even better. You don't have to worry about permanently dying - even the Ending Book mostly exists so you can close out your character's story in a way that makes sense - so you can just run face first into things, it's great. Whenever I'd get stuck, I'd run up and down the power list and inspiration would leap out.

Everything hangs together, everything flows even with the eddies and messiness of actual play, it's just really fun. This will be folded in my heart as a treasured memory.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Glitch: A Story of the Not
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