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Starship Construction Manual, Vol 1. For S&S-2E, (2022 Update)
Publisher: Luminous Design
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/13/2020 17:20:23

This looks like it could be a useful addition to S&S, but there appear to be a number of editing and/or math problems with the design system. Full-size and 1/2 size H-pods are not described. Sick bays are also not described. I note that in the volume 2 manual, it is implied that starship sick bays include some number of cryo tubes, but this is not stated here. Also, the construction points (CP) needed to build the basic ships in the S&S book is much higher than what would be available under this system. The basic frigate in S&S would cost at least 68.5 CP, but would have a design budget of only 50 CP under this system. Something just doesn't add up.

Also, bookmarks in the pdf would be extremely helpful, as would an editable ship design sheet.

Edited: I felt I should add that the new systems and rules included look good and could add interesting twists to the game.

2nd Edit: I re-read the rules and realized that what I thought was a fundamental flaw in the system was actually just a misunderstanding on my part. Also, the system values have been updated since I bought it, so the math now works better: it's actually possible to build the basic ships with this sytem now. There's still several editing problems, however, and the whole DB/CP/PPB thing is not explained very clearly. I've upped my review since I think this will be useful and has some good ideas, but explanation needs some work.

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Starship Construction Manual, Vol 1. For S&S-2E, (2022 Update)
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the feedback in your review. We have just updated the stat blocks to be more compliant with the base model example ships found in the 2E rulebook. You will receive an update notice in your download que. As far as your concern about being able to fudge the system and just add as many hyperdrive pods as you can afford... this is a potential cheat but the rules system address this issue with the warning that all systems must be balanced in order to work correctly. For example if you add too many hyperdrive pods you will not have enough points for living quarters resulting in not enough crew to operate the ship, or weapons to defend it. Hope this is helpful and thanks for your input. Thanks again for supporting our products.
Thanks again for the review, we really appreciate the feedback and with volume 3 in development I will keep your concerns in mind and implement what I can to try to make it easier to understand. Basically, the anticipated amount of PPB that your design can produce determines how much it will cost which is your Design Budget (DP). You have to stay under your design budget when selecting the components that will go into your custom ship. The CP value is the individual cost of everything that you will be purchasing to go into your ship. In the end the total CP for everything that goes into the ship has to meet or be under your design budget. There are additional bonuses in the system that can raise your adjusted PPB giving you more CP value to your budget so you can add a few extra luxuries or Wishlist items into your design. If this were a car it would be like saying, if I put this fuel efficient V4 engine in here then I wont be able able to attach a tow package because the engine is too small to tow with. Everything is dependent on what kind of energy (PPB) your engine can produce. I retested the stat blocks and all of the ship classes work but the Frigate is the tightest fit to match the 2nd ED rulebook if you want to include a tractor beam on it. The original stat block in the game does not include the tractor beam in any of the ship stat blocks so it might be presumed it is optional or comes standard on all starships. We included a CP price tag on it for those who are building a new class of ship from the ground up. You can always ignore this line item, presuming it is standard equipment such as doors, elevators, etc. However, if you do wish to include it as line item you can always use one of the Budget bonuses such as Benefit of Rank or Starship Age to boost the budget to include the tractor beam emitter too. We also included the tractor beam as separate line item so that you can purchase more than one which while expensive in terms of energy use would allow you to target more than one item at a time with separate beam emitters. Hope this helps and again thanks for the feedback in your review.
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