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RPG Trap Collection
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RPG Trap Collection
Publisher: Luke Hart
by Stefan G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/05/2022 13:54:46

Not really good. No clever traps about that you can think about. The only interessting trap is where a player is exchanged by a doppelganger. The rest is really not interessting - just something (mostly an object) that you take and a trap is activitaed. It would be better to use mechanics that are more complex and where players have to think about...

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RPG Trap Collection
Publisher: Luke Hart
by Sun-Ae P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/13/2021 09:57:21

Love it! Note: the cover doesn't reflect the actual traps inside the booklet. lol (maybe one or two of the images.)

If i counted right, there's 28 Traps in this. (Edit: He updates this and adds more traps over time.)

My favorite things: 1) These traps are simple/easy to understand. 2) they're marked with a difficulty rating "not dangerous/setback?/dangerous?/deadly" and mentions character levels this trap can be for. 2) Description/ Trigger / Effect/ Countermeasures Its suuuuuper clear. (Constructive Critisism: Please add this to the Trap called "Octonote". It's one long decription but it can be split into "Trigger"[Playing any other note...] and "Countermeasures" [Characters who succeed on a DC...])

Also for fun, I've written into the margin of some of these, to give it a reason to exist. "elf door/lock", "neat item", "bridge trap"..... and my favorite note is "Drunk Wizard". (I mean, come on. a good handful of these were totally created by a drunk wizard and they're awesome.)

These traps are clear, fun, silly, devistating,... its got allllll kinds. I recommend this list of traps to any DM to suppliment their game traps.

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