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Rangers of Shadow Deep: Menagerie $6.00
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Rangers of Shadow Deep: Menagerie
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Rangers of Shadow Deep: Menagerie
Publisher: Joseph A. McCullough
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/19/2020 13:48:40

Mission where the company is (accidentally) ambushed, and then has a chance to ambush an enemy wagon train in return. Heroes have an opportunity to gain an animal companion in the latter scenario, and there are other potential beneficial finds.

Missing from the experience table for scenario 1: +3XP for any boar killed by the heroes.

In play, the first attack seems dangerous as the company is disorganised at the start, and casualties were taken; the wagon ambush can be carefully planned, with remarkable success on one occasion: no losses, civilians successfully rescued, spellbook found, tiger befriended, and all but one wagon opened, none escaping.

An expanded bestiary of animal companions is included.

A solid adventure, perhaps lacking the wow factor of some previous scenarios, but enjoyable nevertheless. Recommended.

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