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RPG Adventure Template
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RPG Adventure Template
Publisher: Luke Hart
by James N. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/27/2021 11:46:22

The template provides the fundamentals for planning and organizing an adventure, and if this was all that was offered in the product, then this would have gotten a solid 3 stars.

The addition of italicized text in each section provides the reader with more context to help identify how to get the best milage out of the template. Each section also contains example content that demonstrates how the author uses the template within the context provided. The template provides more guidance than expected and the additional effort on the part of the author is really nice.

The inclusion of a docx copy of the template is a nice touch and sidesteps the hassle of having to create an editable digital copy.

Overall it is a simple product with a humble goal, but it is well and thoughtfully executed.

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