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100 Classic Cars of the Roaring 20's
Publisher: D10 Dimensions
by Donald H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/10/2020 11:16:41

I was disappointed that this was simply a list of vehicles. I could get that from Wikipedia. I was expecting pictures of the cars--not a large, high res, of course, but at least small ones. If you are looking for simply a list of vehicles, this might work for you.

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100 Classic Cars of the Roaring 20's
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Creator Reply:
Hello Donald. Thank you for purchasing this product, and I'm sorry it wasn't what you were expecting. In order to create a set of 100 images of 1920's vehicles I would either need to purchase those images for resale, or collect photographs myself if I could find these cars. I don't think that passing on the expense of getting those images would make my product affordable. The concept behind this product is to give a Game Master a quick way to populate a parking lot, a street or a road with vehicles that are accurate for the 1920s. All of the vehicles in this list are accurate in that they are real vehicles, they include the correct year they came out, whether they have rumble seats, color, etc. While wikipedia will certainly include this kind of information, this format should save an enterprising GM (is there any other kind?) both time and energy. In the product's description I try to indicate that, yes, this is a list. I also indicate what a sample entry will look like (in this case, result 101) before people buy it so that they aren't surprised with what they get. If you have suggestions for ways to improve my work, please let me know. Thanks. D10
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