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SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Ex Mass Pay What You Want
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SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Ex Mass
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SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Ex Mass
Publisher: Nightfall Games
by Jason T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/08/2020 10:11:57

Ex Mass is a really nice, though short, addition to the 2nd Ed line that’s coming. Ex Mass holiday itself is a great addition to the SLA Industries calendar that mixes Halloween and Christmas (And probably Thanksgiving for the US players!) together in a very SLA-way.

The page on the Battle Taxi is quite a nice touch for long-time players a new folks alike, I’d love to see just how abhorrently different the MKIII was to the others in Dave Allsopps usual style!

Aetherman Gambles report to catalogue is quite interesting for those introducing elements of The Grey and Dream Entities into their campaigns and mentions Deep Construct which was hinted at during the KS campaign by name only – as a fan of the game for a good few years and the recent changes this has me very intrigued in terms of what it actually is, where is is and more importantly the "how" and "why" it is. Seems to tie into The Grey quite tightly so might be a new realm to play in perhaps for those Ops brave enough... ?

Overall a great treat for players old and new, more flavour and fluff for the games, but as a PWYW title it’s not a fully sourcebook nor was it meant to be. It’s a nice addition to what’s an already cult game IP and a newly invigorated line. Can’t wait for more!

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