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Ascension's Landscape: Setting Refinements and Story Hooks
Publisher: White Wolf
by Tristan S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/14/2020 00:43:54

A wonderful book that explores the various options a storyteller has when creating their own World of Darkness through the Mage paradigm. While the base gamebooks offer their own view of the World of Darkness, there is a vast array of options and questions left for the storyteller to answer. What does it mean if the world had a high mage population? How organized are the various Traditions / Crafts / Conventions? In what ways are the shadows in your World of Darkness deeper than our world? Is it darker than our world? Depending on where you live, mundane reality may be dark enough for your chronicle as is. This book offers many options to help new and experienced storytellers alike flesh out their worlds, with plot hooks and fleshed out options to bring that extra flavor to any campaign. While absolutely made for Mage, I believe this book is worthwhile to any storyteller, as the base questions are mostly the same for all game lines. Highly recommend.

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Ascension's Landscape: Setting Refinements and Story Hooks
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