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#iHunt: The RPG
Publisher: Machine Age Productions
by Matthew C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/15/2021 15:45:27

I don't believe in strictly defined types of players, but if I did I'd say that iHunt has something for old school and newer types of player alike.

The basic set-up is the timeless classic "Urban Monster Hunting", but with a nice new take on it. The familiar 'quest acquisition and completion' parts of RPG play dovetail incredibly well with the very modern "gig-economy" phenomenon (this sort of synergy between theme and mechanics is my JAM).

It also unashamedly wears its queer identity on its sleeve and even if (like me) you aren't part of the LGBT community, games like this are a refreshing change from yet more "Gruff McStubble vs Callous Darkpast" fantasy stories we've all played 1000 times before.

The book LOOKS fantastic, easy to read but also chock full of style (the in-universe corporate advertising is disconcertingly realistic), and the contents and tone really help ground what it must be like to be a person in its world. The focus on people allows the game to say important things about poverty and inequality without taking you out of the setting or sounding like a lecture. This 'Very Human' feel also lends itself to running versatile types of game, from fluffy character-focussed stuff to high-lethality monster-horror.

tl;dr - Fresh twist on classic RPG set-up, something for everyone. Recommend.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#iHunt: The RPG
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