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#iHunt: The RPG
Publisher: Machine Age Productions
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/08/2020 14:25:57

Look, this is a game book that realizes half the crap in a game book are completely unneeded. It starts in the middle of the action, with fiction pieces that hit like trucks, and a street up view of life in poverty. Olivia Hill gets it.. #iHunt gets the struggle. You're not the hero, you're poor schlub getting paid to do the crap work no one wants to handle, for practically nothing. You're the Uber driver mopping vomit off your car seats, except it's werewolf blood, zombie vomit and pixie shit, and instead of your car seat, it's your face and clothes. Even if you look past the setting fluff, the rules are solid and narratively driven.

The Fate System, which is flexible and functional at every level, allows for improvisation, and genre savvy theatrics without much preparation. The list of skills are expansive, and while there is some broad overlapping among them, each ability feels distinct and useful. The four "kinks" are each unique and valuable, but not reliant upon each other, unlike other systems where a "balanced" team is absolutely essential for survival. Stunts, skill tricks and role based powers, are incredibly powerful, and thus beyond valuable.

As I said, the fluff of this book is fantastic, and the the book itself is an easy read. I consumed all 335 pages at a run, laughing at the realistic, and unabashedly honest language. Inclusivity is outright stated as a goal, while fascists are outright being given the boot; a design choice that I applaud. Seriously, if you're debating buying this book, get off the fence and buy it; you won't regret it.

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#iHunt: The RPG
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