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Ryuutama Scenario - All Soul's Night Pay What You Want
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Ryuutama Scenario - All Soul\'s Night
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Ryuutama Scenario - All Soul's Night
by Katherine C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/30/2021 15:48:33

All Souls Night is an excellent introductory scenario for Ryuutama, with a great emotional core and well thought out, flavorful encounters. I frequently reccommend it to those new to the game looking for pre-written content.

As written I think the scenario really shines when run in 2-3 sessions. Although Pureka includes several optional encounter tables, I think the game is much better if you use them, and captures more of the feel of journeys in Ryuutama.

If you're committed to running this in a single session, I recommend cutting the Witches Tasks and going straight to the "Preparing for the Ritual" section, which should cut the game down to one-shot length.

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