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Kressmer\'s Bizarre Grimoire: Seven Illusions
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Kressmer's Bizarre Grimoire: Seven Illusions
Publisher: Silverthorne Games
by David K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/10/2010 13:03:22

Kressmer's Bizarre Grimoire: Seven Illusions offered a great new look to deception magic. More than simple ethereal monsters or geographic modifiers for disbelief, the Seven Illusions magnified the role of an illusionist. This four page file condenses seven spells onto two pages (the other two pages include a cover with quarter-page art, and a final page of legal information). The illusion spells offer a wide range of utility, and target uncommon things like money and language and spell-caster familiars. Even one of these additional spells helps the illusionist fill a special role in any party. Surely, there are two combat related spells rife with trickery and imagination. Personally, I liked the inclusion of the “Shadow Puppet” for an immediate feel of this publication. Designed for 3rd Ed. D&D, the utility for illusionary magic also fits with typical Sword & Sorcery magicians. For example, these spells could certainly be easily modified to Barbarians of Lemuria or Broadsword RPGs. The spell casting complexity ranges for moderate power levels with good humor; these spells should not unbalance any game. For the price (free), consider adding Kressmer's Bizarre Grimoire: Seven Illusions to your shopping cart before it disappears!

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