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Publisher: Sandy Pug Games
by makenna P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/06/2020 01:08:22

let's just start by saying I really really really wanted to like this, the idea of post modern fantasy is great and i'm legitimately surprised that no one else has done it in this honestly iconic time. However that's about where my appreciation ends, the game is riddled with things that don't make any legitimate sense; the best example of this I feel is on the Weaknesses section "Weakness are not things that people will use to bully or oppress you." or very possibly the no card. I understand wanting to be Politically correct in this day and age, but the problem with this game boils down to this. If there isn't inherent risk in your character building system, it's not going to engage the players; at least not in my experience. other than that the art is inconsistent in style and design, and a little messy in some places although that's to be expected with any project with multiple artists. The character sheets are ugly and disorganized. The premises are limited and it has relatively low replay value. And all of the sticky notes on the pages look like tumblr ghost wrote them. I'm a POC queer woman and it just sounded like someone had copy pasted whatever they thought minorties wanted to hear, which i can tell you couldn't of been farther from the truth. My honest advice to the writers of the game is that scrubbing a setting to fit the idealised version of what it should have been, doesn't make me atleast feel seen. it doesn't make my group feel seen. Life isn't easy, life isn't perfect and scrubbing away the situations that we struggled through; and the things that made us who we are isn't fun. its insulting. I really wanted this to be good and I'm immeasurably disappointed.

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