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Odysseys & Overlords Character Record Sheet $0.00
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Odysseys & Overlords Character Record Sheet
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Odysseys & Overlords Character Record Sheet
Publisher: Aegis Studios
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 06/05/2019 13:39:51

The unsung hero of game resources, a character sheet can help you organise the details of your character in - with a good one - a way that facilitates your navigation around the game mechanics of the system you are using. If you're lucky it looks good at the same time... and if you are really fortunate there's a form-fillable PDF version as well (a godsend for me as I cannot write longhand due to a stroke, but still touchtype!)

So, in this free download you get 3 versions: the full one, a printer friendly one and, yes, a form-fillable one. The layout is standard on all three. The basics at the top: name, genus, class, gender, etc. and a space for player name. Then three columns: stats, saving throws, and a combat column with armour class and hit points at the top with space for you to list your weapons and important stuff like how much damage they do below. The most important numbers are written in large boxes, makes them hard to miss however excited you are. Then there is space at the bottom for spells and abilities, items carried, cash and languages spoken.

That's it. Sweet and simple (a bit like Odysseys and Overlords itself). But there's more. The 'full' version boasts a coloured border and game logo, but also has extra pages with an overview of the setting, brief notes on the character classes and genera available, and a plain version of the character sheet if you don't want to print the coloured one. Interestingly, the form-fillable version uses the plain character sheet to facilitate ease of printing. It's simply a nicely put together package to make playing straightforward.

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