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No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds
Publisher: Tangent Zero
by Dmitriy B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/18/2020 21:03:28

Very useful for GMs who like sandbox sci-fi settings. The setting is very stripped-down, leaving only the essentials needed for an exploration-based campaign and leaving the rest to be filled by the GM and players.

I found the mission page useful to kickstart the adventure, and different missions have potential to set different tones and/or create conflict for the characters (who, e.g. may not like working for a particular type of sponsor).

The main dish is a large list of star systems, each packing a bite-sized content chunk and a few questions to expand on it, plus there is a bunch of mysteries that can resolve over time visiting different star systems. Though it's built for Uncharted Worlds, most of the content is actually system agnostic; I'm definitely going to adopt the form for my own GM prep and perhaps run a Risus campaign with it.

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No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds
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