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Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition
Publisher: Pickpocket Press
by Philip V. O. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/31/2023 20:35:25

If Pathfinder was too magical, gamey, or rigid.

If OSE was too simplified and featureless.

If WFRP was too crunchy and anti-combat.

If DCC, 5 Torches Deep, Shadowdark, and Morkborg felt as though they were missing complexity beyond the dungeon delve or character progression.

If Forbidden Lands or Savage Worlds was too different and you missed the d20 feeling.

And if you liked 5e but wished it was grounded, gritty, versatile, and didn't render DMing an experience of suffering.

Then this is it. Because I played all the above in search of a system that supported character customisability, narrative combat support, emergent gameplay, hexcrawls, dungeon crawls, gritty combat, domain play, and out of the box capability for both historical and high fantasy settings.

LFG fulfilled all of these without driving me nuts like Mythras or depressed by GURPs infinite splatbooks.

Easy to pick up for new players, fast character creation, and a concise framework that supports adaptibility. LFG treads the line of OSR so it's great for solo-play, system conversion, homebrew, and setting neutral gameplay.

It secures a blend for GMs like myself who desire a lower magical setting with OSR philosophy but without sacrificing modern conveniences and retaining [GMs choice!] 5e style feats or subclasses. All the while preventing 5e and Pathfinder video game syndrome below:

Level 1 Fighter - 'As I attack with my maul I swing it into the orc's leg to trip him!'

DM - 'You hit! But you're not a level 3 Battlemaster with the Trip Manoeuvre! So he takes 5 damage and nothing else happens!'

Thanks to the developer's community support, the condensed free Basic guide, the Deluxe manual, and the Companion or Trade Winds supplements. LFG makes for a great newbie casual delve or your next hardcore granular campaign spanning into domain-play that's as light as a fully-fledged OSR or crunchier than 5e.

And even if you're not interested in playing or GMing LFG, this book is chockful of useful tables and mechanics to rip for other systems!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition
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