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"Lost Dice" - a narrative RPG for all settings $1.95
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\"Lost Dice\" - a narrative RPG for all settings
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"Lost Dice" - a narrative RPG for all settings
Publisher: True Mask Games
by Marco M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/18/2018 21:34:35

In my opinion this system is amazing for everyone who loves simple, quick RPGs that can be adapted to many many settings. I've had the pleasure to play in two oneshots mastered by the creator of this system and both were vastly different. For those interested, one was a game in the world of League of Legends in which every player played their own champion they came up with at the table, the other one was a special homebrew world which combined Cowboys and Samurai, sounds freaky but was great fun.

To be fair, there obviously may be 'better' systems for any specific setting, but the greatest strength of Lost Dice is that it's easy to set up - you can build your characters within 30 minutes (for total beginners) and much faster if everyone knows the system - and you're not restricted to specific settings. It's easy to adapt, no matter if your game is Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern or some crazy own idea (which in my opinion work best with this because of the freedom the rules provide).

The mechanic that involves heavy risk management, as you can lose your dice - your most precious resources - is as far as I have seen unique and really fun, since every single roll, no matter how unimportant it might be, has some tension since you could lose some dice. It also has very simple and appealing rules concerning the enemies and antagonists the players will have to face which makes it very appealing for new or not too experienced Game Masters (speaking as one myself).

One thing, that has to be mentioned is, that you need quite a few dice to play the system, which is normally not a problem for regular players, because let's be honest we all have much more dice than we need and probably should have, but if you're playing with a lot of new players who don't have their own dice you need enough yourself to help them out. Aside from that it's an amzing system with unique and simple mechanics alike that are quick to start but still offer a lot of versatility and fun especially for this price!

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