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Publisher: Hydra Cooperative
by Benjamin W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/20/2022 12:02:22

Overall I like the idea of this adventure and even like the potential endings but in preparing to run this as a one-shot I have found more than a few issues with the PDF.

  1. There is a list of all 30 calamities that will occur on a summary page, but the order of the list is not in the order they appear if you follow the daily summaries, making that page kind of useless.
  2. There is inconsistent language used, for example one of the characters is sometimes refered to as the "Town fool" but other times as the "Town Uncle"
  3. Each of the 30 key characters has a page or more describing them but instead of having bullet point style information, it's formatted into narrative stories that you will need to read and summarize to get anything useful out of
  4. Notice that it says each of the 30 key characters? That's important because each character actually has a bunch of related characters who aren't considered key so they don't have any info on them but also more importantly they don't appear on the player handout. This is actually kind of important because the players would then know it can't be the Mayor's husband since he is not on the handout etc. Since I can't predict who my players might suspect, it kind of makes that handout pointless.

So although I like the idea, and it has some nice attempts at summary pages to organize things, I think if you try to actually run this, you'll realize there is quite a bit of work you will need to do up front to untangle what is and isn't usable.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Publisher: Hydra Cooperative
by Zedeck S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/25/2018 22:41:27

Been following the development of this since Luka started posting about it, on his Patreon / Google Plus. The art is bomb (as is usual for Luka), and it's got neat ideas (I love the way the town mob is handled). But the standout in Witchburner for me is the writing. Each of the town's 30 NPCs comes with a short piece of prose, as an introduction. Players won't really get to see these anecdotes in play, I don't think -- but they are great as mood- and character-setting for GMs. And they are legit great pieces of prose writing, generally. (My favourite, so far: the butcher, who gives her young daughter a pet piglet, remembering how her mother gave her a piglet too -- then forced her to slaughter it for festival pies.)

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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