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Madhouse: A Lockwood's Asylum RPG
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Madhouse: A Lockwood\'s Asylum RPG
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Madhouse: A Lockwood's Asylum RPG
Publisher: Blackout Games, LLC
by Patrick H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/07/2020 23:58:26

Holy Moses this is offensive. I mean come on. This isn't "eldritch horror in the shadow of a 1920s madhouse," this is a modern day mental hospital full of abuse and murder and trauma. The representation of insanity, cheerfully sorted into five nearly distinct "disorders," is both downright facile and hugely insulting. And don't think that just because they put in a 1/6th page sidebar saying "hm, mental health is actually much more complex than this" they're magically off the hook for the absolutely reprehensible way they present the lives and sickness of people who aren't "technically" real but absolutely resemble the public's fevered imaginings of actual mental patients.

Let me be clear, I am not saying "oh this might hurt someone's feelings." I am saying that I, as a bog-standard psychiatric patient, am actively offended by this. I am aghast at its existence, embarrassed by its presence on this website, and furious that real life trauma could be so readily commodified into a spinoff of a card game. This roleplaying game does a hateful disservice to the one in four people in this country that have experienced or will some day experience mental illness. Such willful misrepresentation of real-life trauma and suffering can only be described as mean-spirited, and I wish upon the creators nothing but the obvious repercussions of the energy they've chosen to put into the world.

I am repulsed.

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