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Star Trek Adventures: Remnants $4.99
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Star Trek Adventures: Remnants
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Star Trek Adventures: Remnants
Publisher: Modiphius
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/28/2019 14:36:14

This adventure opens with the party's ship in Vulcan space when they are tasked with answering a distress call from a research vessel, the Sirius, somewhere near the Arachnid Nebula. The Adventure Synopsis explains what happens when they get there. Whilst written with the Original Series (2254–2269) in mind, this adventure would work in any era as there is really only one very futuristic technology that might cause issues... and as those issues are more likely to result in problems for the party, all this means is some consideration and planning might be needed to handle them.

The first Act involves them meeting with the Sirius and discovering that they are drifting dangerously close to some asteroids in the Arachnid Nebula, their impulse engines having failed. Life support and main power is not in a good way either, and there are some hull breaches, so it's a chance for any PC engineers to shine. Due to the Nebula's influence, sensors don't work too well so they will have to get close, as transporting may be a bit chancy! Details of the repairs and other assistance required are laid out clearly, along with notes on the appropriate game mechanics to apply. The researchers are excited about a massive gravimetric anomaly they've detected within the nebula and even as their ship is patched up, they are asking the Starfleet Captain to aid their research... the anomaly is moving unnaturally fast and they'd like for the party's ship to give chase...

Act 2 opens once they've found the anomaly and started to investigate. It's not safe to stay for long despite some intriguing artefacts, so samples are grabbed and everyone returns to the ship, where the scientists set up an improptu laboratory in one of the cargo holds. And that, of course, is when the fun starts...

... or at least the bloody remains of an Ensign are found, and a muder investigation begins. The fun and games continue throughout the rest of Act 2 and into Act 3. Once the party discovers what is behind the odd events and, yes, violent acts, they then have to decide what to do about it. It's nowhere near as black and white as it may seem given the murders and it should prove interesting to see what the party comes up with.

It all makes for an exciting, tense, and thought-provoking adventure that should leave the party with plenty to think about. Definitely true to the scope of Starfleet's core mission to explore.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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