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Mothership: Dead Planet $7.99
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Mothership: Dead Planet
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Mothership: Dead Planet
Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games
by Mike I. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/18/2019 12:26:50

The graphics and layout of this supplement are incredible! The spaceship creation for derelict ships is very clever. It is not quite quick enough to roll the whole ship up in a moment but it can easly be done with 10 minutes of prep to generate an entire side mission! It can also be done virtually room by room after "The Warden" (aka GM) rolls how many rooms there will be. This plus the map of the derelict ship of the Alexis with details of the rooms and items to be found there are easily worth $5 by themselves. Then, you get a number of random lists ranging from names of books in the captains rooms to how to move the monster if you want it moved randomly to tables for generating NPCs on the "Dead Planet". Then, add in the hooks for landing on the planet, the map of the base, and then a third adventure and you have quite the starter supplement!

That said, this is an old-school style game. There is a fair amount of GM Fiat and the game as written can be deadly. No worries there though, you can still have a spaceship full of cryo-sleeping crew to replace their dead mates or slow down the madness as "The Warden".

The monsters in this module are somewhat standard sort of xenomorphs and the plot is a bit of a railroad but again, there is nothing stopping you from spicing it up. Instead of waiting and buying the expensive new Alien rpg, grab this and have fun now!

I also wanted to point out that because success is instantly known in this version of the d00 system used AND high DM fiat, I have been running a very successful game of this by forum.

I can't wait for future supplements for this game!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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