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Orc Stabr
Publisher: Sandy Pug Games
by Mark O. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/03/2018 19:44:42

You Orc to buy this. Simple enough for gobbo to understand. Few things though: Legend Teller want to know how Monster stab back. Also read about Monster Art Cards but wondering if they hidden?

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Orc Stabr
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Creator Reply:
Monsters no have stab skills, they so big and strong and scary Orc die if orc fail dice rolls!!!! Lot of orc die in hunts in Kharak, but that ok, lot of orcs in Kharak and making new orc only take second!!!!!!!!! Monster Cards not out yet! Will be out when GenCon over, sorry!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for kind word!!!!!!!!!!!!
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