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Panic at the Dojo
Publisher: Liberi Gothica Games
by Isaac A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/08/2021 14:37:57

the game is overall a good one and has a good character creation system, but they forgot to include any type of character sheet in the book. Personally I feel that this was a mistake even with the simplistic game rules, as a sheet is just good for organizing character's statistic in a way that looks good and helps keep the feel of the game going. Speaking of the book, maybe I had some sort of printer error but the front dozen or two pages were some I Spy game for children ages 2-5, half printed on each page. Honestly this feels closer to a wargame than an rpg, as there is no advancement that I can see to make a hero more powerful and very little in the way of mechanics for out of combat stuff, with the somewhat weak justification of "If you have a skill that covers it you succeed, if you do not you just comically fail automatically." . The combat system is a very solid foundation but I feel that it is just that, a foundation, and to maybe come back and try the game again when it has actually built on it to make a proper rpg. As it is now I would reccomend Panic at the Dojo be kept an eye on unless you really need a kung fu fix, but not purchased until maybe some sourcebooks come out that make it a bit more playable as a campaign game rather than a single night of fun. The game has potential but it feels like it was so hasty about showing off this combat system that it neglected everything else.

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Panic at the Dojo
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