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山里にて(At the Mountain Village)_Miskatonic Repository $3.65
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山里にて(At the Mountain Village)_Miskatonic Repository
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山里にて(At the Mountain Village)_Miskatonic Repository
Publisher: Chaosium
by Steven R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/16/2018 17:19:54

This was the first Miskatonic Repository scenario that I have run for my group, and I must say that it was a whole lot of fun. At The Mountain Village takes place in the Taishō period, so the time frame is firmly in the Call of Cthulhu 1920s era. It's a very straight forward narrative that gives both keeper and players a lot of room to rollplay, and room for keepers to add their personal touch to the scenario. One thing that stood out for me was that there wasn't a mythos-driven explanation that informed Japanese beliefs, which can happen in weird fiction and in Call of Cthulhu games. All in all, I'd run it again, especially as something to introduce new players to the game.

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