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Banquet in Stringwater! $5.00
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Banquet in Stringwater!
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Banquet in Stringwater!
Publisher: Tavernmaster Games
by Charles I. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/25/2018 11:54:47

This is a fun and slightly different solo adventure. You have to go hunt and make a meal for a king. I like the wandering in forest. This is huge wtih 132 pages + cover. I like the random finding. odd even and then roll. I have played twice and died twice.


  1. (oops my fault, I was using Acrobat Pro X instaleld Reader DC it worked.). It needs to be HYPERLNKED! The going back and forth is really bad. This really needs to be hyperlinked.

  2. I got into a spider web and could not back out. Bummer. I died.

  3. The counting of turns seems off. You are given 50 turns but the text tells you when to check off time. I founght a person and won. No time was taken off.

Fix problems 1 and 3 this would be 5 star.

Reply to Reply:

  1. Bummer. As noted above my fault. But still . . . now mad at Adobe. :/
  2. This seemed to just not get in and back out. Dying on SR happens and I am good with that.
  3. I understand the decision not to count combat as it could get step real quick on a one to one or two to one count. Seems like the count should increase by one.

So I pushed upto four on issue one. Will replay today to see how it goes.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for your feedback Charles I, Your comments have sent the minions at Tavernmaster Games in to a frenzy of activity to make sure we can respond to your queries. If we may, we will do so point by point:- 1. The pdf is hyperlinked. We just downloaded a copy and the links worked when the file was opened in Adobe Acrobat or Preview on a Mac. Do you have the most up to date version of Acrobat or were you using an alternative pdf viewer that perhaps cannot read the links? 2. Ah, the sudden death of failing a SR or making an innocent wrong decision in a T&T solo. We apologise for your sudden demise but if you thought this was bad, you should attempt one of our other authors Andy Holmes' solos, they really are deadly ;) 3. Jason Mills states that he decided not to count combat towards the 50 turn total as a matter of making the housekeeping as simple as possible. If this 'real world' explanation isn't to your taste, you could presume that the magical nature of the environs of the royal forest means that no time passes there when characters are engaged in battle. Kind Regards The TavernMaster Krreww
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