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Star Trek Adventures: Ends and Means $4.99
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Star Trek Adventures: Ends and Means
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Star Trek Adventures: Ends and Means
Publisher: Modiphius
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/21/2019 14:01:55

This mission, presented in three acts and a conclusion, sees the party's ship dispatched to the Federation protectorate world of Tolen IV to help mediate a disagreement between two factions. One faction wants to join the Federation as a full member world, the other wants out. The Federation hopes they'll stay, not only on general principles but because of the system's strategic location on the fringes of the Romulan Neutral Zone, not to mention their natural resources - the place is rich in dilithium and other useful ores. This may be a time for full-dress uniforms and cocktail parties, but assorted skulduggery will provide opportunities for combat and investigation as well. The adventure is intended for New Era games, but is easy to modify if you prefer the times of the Original Series.

The first part involves a diplomatic reception aboard ship, to which both sides in the dispute are invited along with other notables. It's a chance to meet some of the personalities involved (and check up on them if anyone fancies some database delving). Some players may find this a bit tedeous - well, so do some Starfleet officers! - but it's worth persevering, there is useful background material to be gathered, and anyone hoping for starship command in the future needs to be able to cope with the diplomatic side of the job, and so here is a chance to demonstrate that ability.

The second act holds more promise, with the party sent planetside and tasked with the security of the negotiations, which are to be held in a convention centre in the capital city of Tolen IV. They will have to be there early to get set up, with the scope to organise security as they see fit (with some helpful suggestions for you to pass on via NPCs if they seem stuck). Naturally they have access to Starfleet technology to do this... and of course there are protestors and dubious characters wandering around for them to investigate. The talks begin... but it's not long before all hell breaks loose!

The party will have to deal with it. Possible outcomes and how to handle them are included - be familiar with these so as to be ready to react to whatever they decide to do. There are plenty of distractions, complications, and surprises as they cope with the incident at hand and then try to investigate what's actually going on. It really creates the sort of chaotic scenes security people have to deal with. There is plenty of detail to help you run the investigations, whichever way the party turns. Several tense situations serve to keep the party on their toes.

The third act deals with a confrontation between the party and the individual to whom all the evidence gathered points as being behind all the unpleasantness. Needless to say, said individual will not come quietly. Two conclusions are provided: one if they capture the individual and one if they escape; and there are some notes for possible future adventures.

This makes for a tense, realistic adventure that's a little out of the ordinary, yet retains a strong Star Trek feel. One outcome that isn't covered is the death of the individual, best to modify the 'capture' conclusion if that occurs. This should prove a memorable mission for all involved. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (TOS) may have reckoned that "The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank!" - here is your group's chance to prove him wrong!

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