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AS&SH 2E Ready Reference Sheets
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AS&SH 2E Ready Reference Sheets
Publisher: North Wind Adventures
by Steven S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/06/2018 22:49:27

This review is hard to write for me, I enjoy the AS&SH system to death and have been eagerly awaiting the official reference sheets for some time. But I am let down, first some caveats I have had an unofficial ref sheet for sometime that has almost every table this pdf does in only 4 pages and I am using that as a comparison. There are 16 pages in this reference doc and a hyperlinked table of contents, most pages have either one big table or one to three tables on each page, each page is interspersed with art from the book or new art. My problems are simple If I am using these sheets on a tablet or computer it's a solid 4 stars its hyperlinked and quick to find. My problem is that I am not using online I had planned to print it out and 16 pages? Seriously it's cumbersome to carry and use at the table. Jeff dedicates a page and a half to the time of day the sunsets, I've been trying to rack my brain and think how useful this could possibly be even the most serious old school time keeping this is some serious bloat. If you only plan to use it online or on a tablet/pc grab it but if you plan to print this for the table I recommend elsewhere.

tldr: 4 stars pdf tablet or pc use 1 star print 2 star total

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