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Publisher: Sandy Pug Games
by bri h. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/02/2018 17:57:57

I entered Mirror (as a playtester, I suppose I should say that) with trepidation. Much as I love tabletop RPGs, I am not a performative human. Much as I love my friends, I am not good at isolating and dissecting their very nature. Given the premise of Mirror, these personal hangups concerned me — ultimately my concerns were unfounded.

For the scope of a review, I would distill Mirror down to two facets: that of a one-page system ideal for one-off games, and that of a game built around the bonds of friendship. It succeeds on both fronts. The system itself is straight-forward, based on simple d6 pools which represent one's attributes and (essentially) one's health.

Character generation is also straightforward — you place yourself inside the friend physically sitting across from you, and pluck from them a pile of strengths and weaknesses. As mentioned, this was a concern of mine, but even playing as people I did not know extremely well, I was able to identify some driving characteristics and successfully build my version of them. Abstracting out personality traits and interplaying strengths with weaknesses (incredible creativity vs. head-in-the-clouds, say) calmed any worries I had of perfectly representing my trusted compatriots.

The friendship element also plays into the one-page/one-off element — these accelerated sorts of RPGs are oft recommended to beginners, yet character generation can still be oddly overwhelming. When you're building your character around someone you know, trust, love, whatever… that's a barrier to entry that has been taken away right off the bat. It also keeps you personally engaged and invested in your character — you want this abstraction of a person who, IRL, has been there for you to succeed.

And so these two core aspects of Mirror are, in my opinion, intimately entangled. And this entanglement makes for a game that is accessible, engrossing, endearing, and ultimately very, very fun.

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