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Publisher: Sandy Pug Games
by Gabriel K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/30/2018 22:50:45

"Impossible," you claim insolently, "Surely you jest, Professor, surely there's no such thing as a one-page, pick-up-and-play, multiple-hyphens-needed-to-describe-but-still-highly-alluring table-top-role-playing game!" I slap you across the face with a small duck. "You fool! You imbicile!" I screech like a powerful bird, "MIRROR is all of those things and so much more! It's not even just a game! It's a celabration of friendship! Old friends! New friends! Friends you want to catch up with! Friends you've played campaigns with as alter egos! You can be the good mirror like in that velvet underground song about combating self-deprecation through shared celebration of each other! It means a lot to me and made my playtest surprisingly emotional! Nothing let's you see yourself through your friends eyes like getting made into an amazing custom character class with a skillset tailored to what THEY think is exeptional about YOU! And Visa/Versa! It's the kind of thing I'd like to play even with my non rpg-playing friends! All you need are a bunch of six-sided dice you can steal from your childhood monopoly set! It's so elegant and perfect and just so darn kind! The kind of kind we don't often get to be to each other!" And that's my review I say removing him from the house posthaste. Take your interview to that rag in the comments section. you can't stop me. I'll be back to review the next one. Yes, sir. Buy it. Buy it now.

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