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Top Secret / New World Order
Publisher: TSR, Inc.
by Jim K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/02/2019 16:16:37

My group and I have played the game quite a few times now. Our overall consensus is that is a fun game, but a few of the rules are wonky. There is an erratta, and it cleared a few things. We still had to make our own tweaks. The review is based off of the box set.

The Lucky 13 system made it super easy to pick up. The tension track is great. Tension builds up during missions and it effects the difficulty of skill checks.

Combat could be a little diffuclt to track, compared to other systems. It's similar to the original XCOM DOS games, once I realized that, it made it easier.

Skills are split into multiple proficiencies, and then you level up each proficiencies individually. I like the system, but a few of the proficiencies don't seem like they belong to the skill they are under.

Rule book: The rule book could have been better organized. For example, it talks about action points and combat, switches to the rules for hacking, surviellance, and a few other topics, before returning to combat rules. The art work is a throw back to the style of older RPG books. One of my favorite parts of the rule book, is the end. The game doesn't have many guns built into it, but there is an excellent system to put almost any gun into the game.

Character creation: Like most games it has the two basic methods: rolling for it, and an array. Rolling for attributes can leave some really hit or miss characters. I had one person roll the worst character possible, and another player rolled the best character possible. I highly reconmend the array methods.

Character sheet:It's one of the better sheets I've seen, but could use a few quality of life aspects. One, of those would be a spot to write what the combat roll would be with certain weapons.

Overall: We had a great time with it. There were a few hickups in the begining, but everything smoothed out in the end.

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Top Secret / New World Order
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