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Honey Heist
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Honey Heist
Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard
by John H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/20/2018 16:28:06

We were given a copy of this game to play at PAX when we had too many players for the Indie RPG Showcase. I was the Game Master, and our crew was ready to perform the heist within minutes of sitting at a table. Rolling up characters only took a minute or two, as the game's rule system was very simple. A few randomly determined character traits, two attributes and maybe a total of 6 die rolls for the GM to set the scene.

If you're going to play this game, it helps a lot to have a player, or players who can carry play forward, as there is not much structure and it's very freeform. After waiting a few minutes for me to sketch out the location for Honeycon, the players stared at each other blankly until one person took the initiative and kicked things off.

After that, we rolled on for almost three hours, laughing at the ridiculous things we were all up to. Fiasco comes to mind a bit, as our crew barely made it to the end through all kinds of mischief.

The atmosphere of the game depends a bit on the GM, but mostly on the players. We had some hard-bitten bears who vowed to never forget "Be(a)rlin," as well as some more wacky bears who just wanted to cause some mayhem and get some honey.

In short, the game works. If you have a funny crew, or want to get your family to play an RPG without the overhead of traditional RPGs, that can be as lighthearted as you want, I would choose this one.

Also, as the GM- definitely take a minute to plan out Honeycon a bit, it does wonders. Create a few characters, or even a convention schedule so that the decisions the players make have more to effect. For example, my players waited until halfway through the day to even get to the con- they missed out on a LOT of free honey. But don't worry, they made up for it in the end.

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