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Clink RPG
Publisher: Technical Grimoire Games
by Nate L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/04/2018 08:42:15

Hey! I'm that friend that Conrad mentioned in the first review of this RPG. He introduced me to tabletop gaming well over a decade ago with a couple Star Wars and D&D sessions during our college years. We've played many games in the years that followed, always with Conrad DM/GMing our games. I've always enjoyed playing, but all of the rules and intricacies of most table top games would leave my head spinning -- even as just a player! So even though I've wanted to try running a game of my own for years, trying to learn and remember all of the rules seemed WAY too much like work. And I already work 45+ hours a week!

When Conrad introduced me to Clink a month or so ago, we weren't 30 minutes into our session and I knew that I could run a game of my own with this system. It's designed in such a way where you can learn ALL of the rules in minutes, rather than spending countless hours sifting through books of rules, items, classes, races, and so on. Adding to the simplicity of the system are coin flips in lieu of dice rolls.

I've always been pretty good when it comes to creating and telling a story, and this system is clearly designed to move a story forward in a fun and thought provoking way. Rather than taking a chance on a D20 for every action you make, in Clink, a player's action is almost certain to happen adding another layer of humor and candor to your session.

Long story short, in my 10+ years as a casual D&D player, I finally popped my GM cherry running a game of Clink. The people I ran the session for were completely new to tabletop gaming on top of it. They picked up the rules and created their characters in less than 30 minutes, and we had a hilarious and memorable time. We'll be playing again soon!

5 Stars! I can't say it enough. 5 Stars!

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Clink RPG
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