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Uplifts: Heirs to the Future $8.99
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Uplifts: Heirs to the Future
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Uplifts: Heirs to the Future
Publisher: E. Smith
by Joseph Y. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/24/2018 18:24:22

Regarding this copy, I've received a discount and have received the product for free. However, I was part of a team of play-testers for the RPG before publication, as well as during it's alpha stages before the theme and story of the RPG was decided and then turned into Uplifts.

If I had to describe the system in a few words, it would be "easy to pick up" and a "gateway RPG". By the first term, it's easy to pick up because of a lack of traditional classes and stats are kept to three primary categories that are easy to pickup and understand. Combat is less complicated as well, as actions that can be taken are listed with the appropriate stat to allocate bonuses to in rolling. However, it's the lack of mechanical depth that can make experienced players yearn for something more, while it can help situate newer players to the RPG scene with simplistic systems and rules. This is where "gateway RPG" comes in. Jumping straight into mechanically complex systems can turn off a lot of newer players from both the RPG and the RPG scene itself, while Uplifts can help situate newer players into RPG games more carefully without bombarding them with information that isn't as easily understandable. With this, I highly recommend that players who are new to RPGs should engage with Uplifts in order to become more familiar with common concepts and practices used in other RPG systems.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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