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Michtim for 5th Edition
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Michtim for 5th Edition
Publisher: GrimOgre Laboratory
by Curse o. S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/04/2019 07:57:16

Michtim for D&D 5e by Georg Mir (@GeorgMir)

This is an awesome race supplement with lashings of background and lore, presented in a professional and accessible manner, allowing you to bring the adorable and admirable Michtim from their own wonderful roleplaying game into your own D&D 5e Games.

Being written by Georg Mir (@GeorgMir), creator of Michtim: Fluffy Adventures and these happy scamps, you know you’re getting a healthy slice of Michtim life, though I heartily recommend checking out their own RPG for the full Michtim experience! ( - Review coming soon!). Also, if Starfinder is more your sort of thing, Mir has you covered (

The expensive background and lore of these “cute but fierce” critters are impressive and provide everything you need to get into character and/ or integrate the Michtim into your game/ world.

But what are these new furry friends?

“Michtims are small humanoid creatures that are completely covered in fur. They share various features with small woodland animals like hamsters, rabbits, mice, squirrels , hedgehogs or wildcats. Due to their small size and cute looks, they were enslaved by larger races as pets, until they were able to free themselves from oppression. They are a highly egalitarian culture that views everyone as valuable. They look after each other and make sure that their young grow up to become equally friendly and protective people.”

They are guardians of forests, with their home, Turnaya, being accessible through untainted forests. This makes them perfect additions to and creates seeds for forest adventures, as well as having their kingdom and their interactions with fey as elements to explore and enrich your game.

It’s doesn’t have to be all arboreal action as “some Michtims are driven by wanderlust” making them great for adventurers and joining parties, especially as “they make friends easily”.

There is also fascinating information provided about the life cycle, education and society of the Michtim.

Information is provided on the naming conventions of Michtim, including personal names and deed names.

Michtim Traits

Full racial traits are provided, including their chosen House denoted main ability score increase and values of said house, their quick, but long life spans, languages, size, speed (climbing and scurrying), and advice on alignment, as well as the Michtim specific racial traits, which reflect their closeness to beasts, adorably harmless appearance and their intrinsic relationship with nature.

All in all this is a fantastic race supplement steeped in lore, well thought out mechanics and place within D&D and delightful artwork by Kim Van Deun (@Sketch_Ferret ). Everything you need to bring these lovable fuzzy friends into your games.

This supplement is available at PWYW with the suggested price of 0.00, but I urge you to support a wonderful creator and fantastic supplement if you are able.

Don’t forget to check out the full Mitchim: Fluffy Adventures RPG ( which I will be posting an in depth review of in the near future.

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