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Burial Plots
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Burial Plots
Publisher: Goblinoid Games
by Mattias G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/28/2018 06:16:57

Burial Plots is a compilation of 5 short adventures for the ChillMaster... sorry, CryptMaster, to inflict upon his/her gaming group. The 5 adventures are:

Condition critical; a lighthearted 10 page scenario. It takes place in a hospital where an experimental treatment to boost the white blood cells of patients has gone terribly wrong. The medical experiment has now colonised the hospital itself and decided to purge all foreign organisms infecting the building.

Unquenchable; a 9 page wilderness adventure where the PC:s join a search party to look for three missing deer hunters. Of course, the forest is full of both small ticks and larger bloodsuckers....

Death in the Dust; an 11 page adventure where the PC:s are sent to investigate an Old West boomtown near a long since caved-in mine.

Forget-me-not; a 9 page adventure in which a copycat killer after 40 years picks up where the previous axe murderer left off.

It came upon a midnight clear; a 5 page adventure set at gaudily decorated farm house during Christmas Eve beset by a spirit of the season.

No adventure should take more than 3 hours to run, and they come complete with maps, room descriptions and monster stats. The preparations are minimal, but if I should offer any criticism, it's that the investigative skills aren't widely used. The mere presence of maps also hints at a more tactical combat approach where the Envoys make steady progress from one grid onto the next. I've always found it more useful in Horror to disorient and blur the PC:s sense of direction once they enter the haunted houses and woods. Also, the NPC:s in Burial Plots could have been made out more quirky to encourage roleplaying and player suspicioins (always think Twin Peaks when you design victims, witnesses and law enforcement officers).

Nonetheless, Burial Plots is a well-crafted compilation. It's also great to see that Pacesetter is once more publishing proper scenarios these days to Chill... sorry, CryptWorld. It was Pacesetter's scenarios that hooked me to Chill back in the 80's, and free pdf:s simply won't suffice. These days I fear that the lack of proper scenarios will likely push modern horror gamers away from the Chill INSTANT ADVENTURE system towards the competing brands (Delta Green/ Cthulhu BRP, EsoTerrorists GUMSHOE and Hunter: the Vigil STORYTELLING). A full length campaign would work wonders to provide Chill/CryptWorld players with a common frame of reference.

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