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Mercenary Breed (Savage Worlds) - 2nd Edition $15.00
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Mercenary Breed (Savage Worlds) - 2nd Edition
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Mercenary Breed (Savage Worlds) - 2nd Edition
Publisher: Mystical Throne Entertainment
by Rasms H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/03/2018 18:52:49

With it saying that it is a "deluxe", "2nd" and "revised" edition was I rather surprised to see rules for a skill that haven't been in use the last 6 years, here speaking about "Guts", meeting me within the first few pages.

After that surprise was my hopes not that high to be honest, but soon after were I met with a pretty nice random alien generator that used cards instead of dices, lovely Savage Worldy.

Another thing that threw me off quite a bit was the use of credits under Tech Background (Science) since the book seemed to be based on a reputation system for getting gear, and me first realising that credits actually was a part of the setting, although their value is totally up to the GM since no prices in credits are mentioned or exchange rate between credits and real money. I really love the idea of a more scientific weird science character, but the credits really came out of the blue.

I did also spot a few typos here and there, words having random spaces in them and a few other things which one wouldn't think of a revised edition.

All in all had I expected something better, and a few ideas did live up to the expectations.

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Creator Reply:
In Savage Worlds, Guts is a setting-dependent skill. The entry on page 21 states that as a standard rule, Guts is not used within Mercenary Breed, but may be useful in a sci-fi horror or gothic sci-fi setting. This is because Mercenary Breed is designed to be a sandbox of potential setting and adventure genres. "Credits" are introduced and discussed in the Character Creation chapter under the "Characteristics" and "Equipment" headings on pages 19 and 20.
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