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Lion & Dragon
Publisher: DOM Publishing
by D H. R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/09/2022 17:58:22

Not to take away from Gary Gygax's accomplishment or the years of his experimentation to which all TTRPG owes, but this is the medieval fantasy RPG he was often trying to make without knowing it.

The pure note struck in this crystal distilling the period mythology & occultism of pre-Enlightenment Britain is a spiritual conversation across time to those 70s gamer basements. We see here the logical foundation for the oldest 3-alignment system (L,C,N) more convincing than any articulation before it, and in that theological satisfaction the simplicity of it outshines the burgeoning of "Advanced" 1e. 'Race' is similarly excized for a more Basic 'class' list, demi-humans you meet in Lion & Dragon return to the other side of the equation as exotic, magical, and numinous encounters as they began centuries ago. (After 50 years of abusive mundacity on the fantasy book and RPG shelves, they surely deserve the break from being met in the local tavern.)

Gygax' fetish for pole arms belongs here in Lion & Dragon more than it ever did D&D, and the chronic issue of runaway power ratio of magic-users : fighters is resolved---brilliantly. The elimination of the AoE magic bomber doesn't take away from the appeal of the magic-user class; the strategy game walking the tightrope of mortal and immortal politics is an RP game experience designed for quintessential Gandalfs (or Saurumans,) not fireballing video-gamers.

The research is taught, as is the art originating from it. The editing is crisp and clear. Even if you don't think you have a posse to play this game, this is still a huge bang-for-the-buck template to craft your own fantasy setting and magic theory by branching out once again from this perfectly pruned bonsai of historical, and therefore eternal, source material.

Quite simply, a work of art. You won't regret a dime spent on this one.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Lion & Dragon
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