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Prisoners of the Drow
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Prisoners of the Drow
Publisher: Luke Hart
by Kathie S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/09/2023 06:09:30

I slipped this gem into my ongoing campaign and expanded it a bit. The maps are worth the price your asking alone and the story is layed out clearly and gets your players deeply, pun there, involved. It is complex without bogging down and yet kept the interest of my players. Don't stop creating stories.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Prisoners of the Drow
Publisher: Luke Hart
by Sun-Ae P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/13/2020 18:56:36

I really like it but there's a few things I'd like to mention. So I'm starting with constructive critisism. (I don't mean to be spiteful or anything but i think you will appreciate the feedback. If you update the file with some corrections or additions i mention, I'll change my rating to 5/5.)

(1) Page 5 DM Notes: it "This adventure contains one roll from the level 6-10 treasure horde table." A) Typo: you mean a treasure hoard. horde is a horde of people, not a collection of items. B) Typo: level 6-10 should be 5-10 (this is fixed in Into the City of Spiders) C) It should mention where this table can be found: DMG137. D) I didn't see what page in your PDF for when I should roll for the treasure table. I've been looking for it after reading the whole PDF and haven't found it. (I personally wrote it into IC5 behind the secret door in a locked chest I made up.)

"This adventure contains one roll from the level 5-10 treasure hoard table (DMG p137) on page # of this PDF."

(2) Loopholes = Arrow slits In "Into the City of Spiders" page 6 you clearly mention that Loopholes mean arrow slits. In "Prisoners of the Drow" I didn't know this and I was confused for a while until I found out Loophole is another word for arrow slits. If you're able to update this PDF, if you add "(arrow slits)" at atleast the first mention of Loopholes (like you did with Into the City of Spiders), I think people will appreciate this.

(3) Page 12, Room S1 The Ceiling Hole says it leads to S2. but there is no S2. this actually leads to IC1. I figured this out from the map on page 13.

(4) Page 11 and 12, Ceiling Holes? P1 has a circle to P2. It's seen on the map and clearly mentioned on p12. "Arcane Runes" and "Ceiling Hole". P2 on the map has a circle, it is not a hole (as it is visually depicted on page 13 in room IC1). This may be a limitation of the image, but I would suggest adding a black filled-in-circle in the middle of the floor of P2 in the map. I'm grateful that the P2 description describes the hole in the floor. However, P2 does not explain how to get to the Floor of P3-4-5. I wrote in "Ceiling hole to continue to upper floor P3-P4-P5". (i'm kinda laughing at the idea that someone can stumble into the hole on that floor and falling flat on their face in P1)

(5) Genders of NPCs/Enemies I think this usually doesn't matter but fyi, I assumed the drow mage was female (since drow society is matriarchial or however that's spelled) until it said 'he' on page 14. Not a big deal if I accidentally changed his gender but I thought i'd mention this: i think its a good idea to mention genders of the named/important NPCs.

Now I'm done with critisism. I love this. 1) I love the set up and information at the beginning. (pages 4-6) 2) I love love that each room has a Read-Aloud Text. They're so helpful! 3) Your rooms are clear and easy to understand. 4) I love the guidance you give as to how the enemies will attack the PCs. Tactics!

Thanks so much! Fan of your YouTube

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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