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HexPaper Pro
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HexPaper Pro
Publisher: Cumberland Games & Diversions
by Chaz M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/28/2017 19:46:39

This is a font specifically designed for producing hex grids quickly, accurately, and affordably on one’s home printer. I bought it, installed it, and was using it to print out several simple hex grids in minutes. The package includes not only OpenType, TrueType, and Type 1 versions of the font, but also a five page guide of tips, and a 181 page PDF of printable pre-made sample grids in various sizes and designs - which make printing off a simple page of hexes even faster than creating a document yourself. The included PDFs alone are worth the purchase price.

The font itself is fantastic, which each lowercase letter, uppercase letter, and number producing a different version of a hex grid. The result is an extensive library of grid effects to chose from, including fine lines, heavy lines, cornerless, corners only, center dots, hexes within hexes, and more.

I've searched for a simple hex-making utility for a long time. And this isn't a separate application, it's just a font that you install on your computer, making it compatible with whichever word processor you use, and PhotoShop. Of course, that also means that your results may vary, depending on which word processor softwre you use to create your documents full of hexes.

If you’re interested in print-and-play hex map making, I definitely recommend checking out this hex-making font. I also posted a video review of the HexPaper Pro font at:

I hope this review is helpful!

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