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City, Town, & Village Record Sheets Pay What You Want
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City, Town, & Village Record Sheets
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City, Town, & Village Record Sheets
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by James J. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/20/2018 00:21:24

This is a very simple, no frill record Sheet, as advertised. For towns, Name, region notes, towns focus, (industry, etc.) Space to list Locations. There is so little content here, I did not know how to rate it really. one page sheets like you would get from any other woorldbuilder notes project. I was confused as to the village sheets, There is one area for a picture, and then three blocks for Village notes. So you'd end up with one pictured village, and two small hamlets not pictured?

Definitely Generic, didn't follow any specific rules set format that i recognized. Okay, so 4 stars for clean layout and doing what it says it will do.. provide a sheet of paper with areas for notes for towns and villages. Worth the asking price if you are not the OCD type of DM that will design this type of record sheet themself. If you are, there are other more comprehensive worldbuilding sheets and books out there. note that this product is sheet only, no tables, charts or other information, literally a square for a picture to be drawn, and blank lines with labels for Name: Undustry:: and so forth.

The sample pic tells it like it is. That is what you get here, one basic sheet for a town, one for a village, villages necessarily being smaller and less involved.

If you are a beginning DM just starting out, you could find it useful to organize with a standard for your DM's binder. Someone with years of experiene will already likely have system specific note-taking systems in place.

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