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Catacombs 1 Pay What You Want
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Catacombs 1
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Catacombs 1
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Michael K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/19/2018 18:05:51

I am very disappointed from this tile set and I really wish there were more pictures of this tile set! In my opinion there are a lot of problems with this tiles. First of all a lot of bones and skulls have some wierd shapes or proportions. They simple doesn´t look right. Also I have expected that the floors are more dense covered with bones and a more scattered look. But in reality the bones barely cover the floor and they look too much lined up. Moreover I have expected from the curved wall tiles that some of the tiles have bones only on the inside or outside but there are only tiles with bones on both sides. Finally what really bugs me is the fact, that the bones are often reach into the walls. That looks so wrong as if somebody built a wall onto a bone pile without putting the bones beside.

They should lower the prices by 75% to fit the quality of the tiles and really add much more pictures. I mean really this tile set cost 14 dollars and there is only one picture that shows like 10-15 of the 98 tiles!

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Creator Reply:
Thank you very much for your comments! I am sorry to hear you didn't like the set. This was one of my earliest projects and most definitely lacks much of the polish that my newer sets have. You are not alone in your opinions, others have expressed similar concerns and Catacombs 1 is scheduled to transition to a Pay What You Want title as part of my Patreon Goals. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly at if I can do anything else to help.
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