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Legendary Adventures - Harrowing Heights
Publisher: DeepDark Designs
by Chris H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/07/2018 23:35:37

So Legendary Adventures Harrowing Heights is an adventure after my own heart. The reason? Kobolds that are truly unique, diverse, and legitimate enemies. My favorite thing was always throwing "challenging" rote enemies at the group. This adventure and its appendixes do it so well.

Pros: Background - There is a ton of information in this module. You might not be able to build a world, but you could definitely build a continent just off the introductory information alone.

Character Motivation – Every major NPC, villain, or otherwise important person is detailed, given emotions and motivations, and options for interacting with the characters.

Diversity – Each of the side quests presented seemed different but could all be tied into the story. There are more quests than you need included, but the adventure definitely leaves room to add your own if you want to make some new challenges.

Appendixes – The appendixes are great. One of them has 25 new magic items with pictures, one introduces 17 fleshed out NPCs, and the first one is a Bestiary featuring 14 different kinds of Kobolds as well as other monsters.

Maps & Artwork – While they will not be winning any awards, they are bright, useful, add flavor, and really do what good artwork should, enhance the reading and stir the mind.

Cons: Length – This is an adventure, it takes players from 1st to 5th level, but it is also a study in geography, flora, fauna, survival, characters, and history. There is a lot of reading and extra stuff thrown in.

Too Much Information – Sometimes the story gives you details you don’t really need or rehashes some of the stuff already said. They do try to compensate for most decisions that a party would make which sometimes adds unnecessary fluff.

So that is the long and short of it. How did I and my group feel? Amazed, excited, worried, and exhausted. All of those things in a good way. The adventure was well written, easy to understand, gave some leeway without feeling like being on a railroad and pitted the players against the unexpected. That is very hard to do in this age of roleplaying, and I really appreciated the thought and imagination that went into it.

This adventure alone will have me looking at more things produced by DeepDark Designs and actually I can’t wait to spring this on more unsuspecting Kobold killers.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Legendary Adventures - Harrowing Heights
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