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Legendary Adventures - Harrowing Heights
Publisher: DeepDark Designs
by Gemma W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/22/2018 06:57:58

Harrowing heights is a delightful addition to any dungeon masters collection. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a young dungeon master sapling like myself there are bountiful amounts of detail to be found here.

From start to finish Harrowing Heights offered the chance to adapt it’s campaign depending on the number of players you had per session. It was this ability that made me feel at ease as a new dungeon master guiding her first set of hero’s into the depths of the compelling and complex political tension the storyline had to offer us. Combat was simple yet effective and left my adventurers feeling that they had accomplished something worthwhile without being under or over whelmed by the combat phase.

As for issues with Harrowing Heights as a whole we could only find one fault in which we would suggest a possible amendment or addition for and that is the font style of the campaign book. As someone who struggles to read cursive fonts I would suggest that future downloads give the option of a non cursive edition.

In terms of star rating we would give the following for Harrowing Heights.

Over all design of the art work and text style: 4 stars Playability: 5 star Planning and Preparation: 5 stars Combat: 5 stars Story: 5 stars Adaptability: 5 stars

on a final note we as a group of adventurers would highly recommend Harrowing Heights to anyone who is willing to listen and would like to thank the guys at Deep Dark Designs for creating such wonderful content!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Legendary Adventures - Harrowing Heights
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your lovely comments Gemma. Regarding your suggestion of including a non-cursive font for ease of reading, we've updated the download files to include an accessibility version that should help a lot with this. We've also done the same for another product of ours, Of Fey & Fear, and we'll continue to provide a more approachable format for all of our major future releases. Thanks again for the wonderful suggestion.
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