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The Illuminati Treasure -- for Ubiquity RPG $1.99
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The Illuminati Treasure -- for Ubiquity RPG
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The Illuminati Treasure -- for Ubiquity RPG
Publisher: Black Campbell Entertainment
by Louis C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/04/2018 11:11:30

I got this as part of Black Campbell Entertainment's Thrilling Action Stories collection. I've not run this yet but I'm planning to do so next month and I'm expecting it to be a blast. A lot of pulp action scenarios I've read are an extreme railroad and while I realise that you're always going to get a bit of railroading in that genre I've often found that I'd have to stop my characters having any agency at all if I wanted to run them. These adventures though have a solid goal and story but allow room for the characters to live, breathe and make the story their own.

The layout of is really easy to read and (key for me) fast to load on the pdf. The printed version in the Thrilling Action Stories is really well done too, I've been very impressed with all of BCE's printed stuff.

The adventure has a nice selection of pregens who know one another and have solid hooks into the story. They're built with a larger point buy than standard HEX characters so if you want to add another character in (I have five players for my game) you'll need to give them around 25-28 skill points, 3-4 talents/resources and 4-5 flaws. I found it really easy to come up with extra characters that fitted in nicely once I'd got that sorted.

Having bought Thrilling Action Stories (which contains this adventure) and Queen of the Orient (a Shanghai sourcebook) from Black Campbell Entertainment they've become a publisher that I'll buy from pretty much as they publish.

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