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The Sigil System
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The Sigil System
Publisher: Stormforge Productions
by Petterson C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/20/2019 06:54:09

The game is promising, only that it is confusing, specially the character sheet and the wound resolution.

I hate to say the rules were poorly explained (even if you get the chance to buy the Z-Land and the Runed Age) and the work is a cram. Since 1.3.1 update to 1.4, the archetype was right there hanging until I pointed it out. Well, that's what every fan ought to do to help the game up, right? However, what the author did was to replace that section with Skill Array, which I think was a last minute fill up to keep 1.4.1 seems up to date. Less explanation or sample. Good if you are experieced player, but how about you are just getting into the game?

Another fuss is the rules on wound and the how the character sheet was made. Quite confusing because as the rules stated that for every wound level received, the ability check gets a corresponding penalty specially when hit twice on that same location. a Significant and a Grievous wound all together can get you -25 on the roll. Well, that is clear. Here is the confusion:

I asked Izak about the wound resolution if the character receive less than 30. Since the box (if you take a good look at the wound box) for 30 and below are categorize Minor, Significant, and Grievous. If you get 15 damage (for example) where will it go? To the Minor, the Significant, or the Grievous? You need to identify where is that category so you what know what penalty you will receive in your next ability check, be it no penalty, -10, or -15. The answer I got is "Any damage 0-20 is a Minor Wound, 21-50 is Significant, 51-80 is Grievous, and over 80 is destroyed. The numbers on the Character Sheet show the Constitution Skill Level at which point you get another Wound Slot. At Level 40 Constitution, you'd have 4 Wound Slots; at Level 70, you'd have 7 Wound Slots.". This is quite contradictory to the rules found in the book that says "For every Significant Wound a Hit Location (e.g.: Head, Left Arm) has, using that limb incurs a -10 Injury Modifier until that Wound is seen to. For every Grievous Wound a Hit Location has, using that limb incurs a -15 Injury Modifier until that Wound is seen to. For every Location Destroyed a Hit Location has, using that Limb incurs a -40 Injury Modifier. Minor Wounds incur no Injury Modifiers." How will you identify if it is a Minor, Significant, or Grievous wounds when all of the 3 boxes are marked 30?

After that, I get no reply!

A half baked game is as good as no game at all. I leave it up to you guys to check it out. And by the way Izak, in as much as I want to continue giving this game my recommendation, I could no longer endoese your work to would-be new players if your patience is thin on matters of gaming support.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hi Petterson, I apologize for not being able to reply to your email sooner (which was sent 36 hours ago). My six week old daughter has been in quite a state after getting her first vaccinations yesterday and I've had little chance to do anything but care for her. I'm always happy to help clear up any confusion that any player might have, and I do want to say a big thank you for helping spot some errors that were in the game. You were an amazing help with that. If you do want to pick up our conversation again, I'm more than happy to continue on email, or you can have a chat on our Discord with other players who could offer their perspectives as well. All the best, and have a happy Christmas. Izak.
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