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Bushido: A Tale of Honor Lost $4.00
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Bushido: A Tale of Honor Lost
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Bushido: A Tale of Honor Lost
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
by Paul R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/30/2017 17:21:09

This was one of two Bushido adventures I downloaded - the other being 'Honour Bound' - and I was very keen to see what the flavour of these would be, having previously purchased the only other two scenarios produced by FGU and Games of Liverpool.

The format and styling were identical and the typeface easy to read. I liked the art work, particularly within the dramatis personae section, given that they were black and white but still managed to spark the imagination as much as colour ever could.

The layout of the adventure was clear and made understanding the context and flow of the possible outcomes ideal for a new GM, as I had owned the game since its release and have only recently begun a campaign within the last couple of months.

I was therefore looking to purchase some additional scenarios, to enable me to widen the scope of the campaign to incorporate much more of Nippon, encouraging travel by the PC's and facilitating my creation of encounters to test their mettle and honour.

Nippon, like Japan, offers a unique wolrd of adventure, and this scenario brings to life the desperation of the townsfolk left in the town of Tanomo as well as the determination of the ronin; Genji as well as providing a unique shugenja villain who has tainted a province.

There are some interesting overland encounters that can be used again and again, with some specific to the plotline of this adventure in some way, and others, unconnected. The diagrams and maps are nicely drawn and easy to review against the text of the adventure.

The adventure progression is also written from differing persopectives - that of the ronin and shugenja in particular - which maintains the pace of discovery should the player characters act in the most likely fashion but still allows a great deal of flexibilityif not.

The overall adventure could probably cater for a variety of player character experience levels although I have no doubt the encounters could be adjusted fairly easily if there are less than four which is probably the ideal size for most adventuring groups these days.

l am looking forward to running this and expanding upon it where possible.

Highly recommended to Bushido players and GM's.

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