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USR Sword & Sorcery $2.95
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USR Sword & Sorcery
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USR Sword & Sorcery
Publisher: Jay Murphy
by Collin S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/12/2020 00:43:26

This is a rules light game, there are only three stats that you assign dice to similar to savage worlds stats. Your hit points are derived. There are no skills only specialisms which give you pluses to do certain things. Combat is a contested thing, with weapons giving bonuses and armor soaking some hits, but the hits initially taken is the difference between the contested roll, with the hits going to the loser. Simple. But it works. There are hit locations and a pretty nice critical hit table. Also this game has the best carousing fumble table I've seen so far in a game. There are some great random tables. Magic is broken down into artifact use, sorcery, and mesmerism. For a few bucks if nothing else this game is worth pilfering the carousing table from and maybe some of the random tables. Great little game the only issue is it might be too simplistic for some.

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Creator Reply:
First actual review here on the site. Thanks for leaving your thoughtful reply. Sounds like the game plays the same way for you as it runs for me! There is a supplement, Horror Material & Magic Malignant, offering a bestiary, npcs and magic spells/rituals. If you like using the game I recommend the supplement. All the best, Jay
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