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Alignment [1st Edition]

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Alignment [1st Edition]
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Alignment [1st Edition]
Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
by Timothy B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/23/2016 23:45:07

I've always found it difficult to wrap my head around the traditional 9 alignments as originally presented in AD&D and since used in each subsequent D&D edition as well as Pathfinder. This book was an immense help in understanding the spectrum that comprises the axes of good-evil and law-chaos. The author has clearly given the topic a lot of thought, and presents a case for considering alignment in what may be a different light than what you're used to.

The most valuable part of the book is the section that describes a way of declaring a character's alignment with a statement that sounds more like an aspect in FATE or a background in 13th Age than the traditional "lawful good." The author offers mechanics that will support compliance to the norms of a character's alignment statement, without unduely punishing a PC when their behavior deviates from the norm.

As a 13th Age GM, I'll consider having my players select one of their backgrounds based on the statements described in this book. How many background points they invest into the background will speak to how powerfully they adhere to the alignment that the statement points to.

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